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Tenement 67

Alba E1

Alba E1: The Woodland CallJuly 12, 2019
Alba E1

Upcoming Events

  • Forsaken 7 April 12, 2019 – April 14, 2019 The Grange, Frog Lane, Balsall Common, Coventry CV7 7FP
  • Alba Regional - Fenlands July 12, 2019 – July 14, 2019 Fox Coverts Scout Camp, Newbold Rd, Kirkby Mallory LE9 7QG
  • Welcome to Tenement 67 August 15, 2019 – August 18, 2019 The Gaol, Unit 9, Oakham Enterprise Park, Ashwell Rd, Oakham LE15 7TU
  • Alba Regional - Northlands August 30, 2019 – September 1, 2019 Duncarron Village, Carron Valley, Scotland, FK6 5JL
  • Forsaken 8 October 4, 2019 – October 6, 2019 The Grange, Frog Lane, Balsall Common, Coventry CV7 7FP
  • Alba Regional - Old Country November 8, 2019 – November 10, 2019 Kinver Scount Camp, The Compa, Kinver, Stourbridge, DY7 6HR

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The Woad Less Travelled

In spring we pick the bluebells that grow deep in the woods. Over the summer they dry, and are ground into dust. In the autumn we fetch the wet clay from the banks near the river, and it is worked…

Alba 1 Feedback Open

CD. It’s been two weeks since the Giants started to sing again. It’s been a fortnight since the people of Alba met up at the request of the Keepers, and said they would do so again. It’s been a couple…

The morning after the day beforeā€¦ [What a day may look like]

They rose a few hours ago but the morning meal has just been tidied away, there was much for the Hunter to discuss after scouting the Other Place the night before. ā€¢ They found a number of Blood Mushrooms, an…


Not all of the Antagonists the Albanni face are interested in physical violence. The more mysterious creatures such as the Selkie offer no reason for their cruel behaviour other than that they simply take joy in the emotional suffering of…

Welcome to Tenement 67 feedback review

Thank you for all of your feedback, it is important to us as it allows us to grow and evolve as organisers and to create improved experiences. We have finished reviewing the feedback provided, we have made a number of…

Formori and Bog Witches

We have started to add examples of the kind of Antagonists your characters can expect to face in Alba. Today there is some information on two of the more common ones, the Formori and Bog Witches. Formori These monstrous folk…


Into the Unknown

I have just finished re-reading (well, listening to, on my commute), Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock. I first read it when I was very young, and perhaps not ready for it; it made a profound impression on me but I…

Those Who Came Before, The Old Ones and The Others

Many Albanni will tell tales of strange folk, outsiders and the odd beings who dwell in ths lands of Alba alongside them, but they fall, generally into three broad categories. Those Who Came Before Those Who Came Before seem mostly…

The Feud

For three generations blood was spilled in the forest through which the river flowed. It started when hunters from the two villages disputed the right to claim the pelt of the great wolf which plagued them. In the afternoon light…

The Wildlife of Alba

The wildlife of Alba is very similar to what you would expect in a setting with deep roots in pre-Roman, Great Britain and Ireland. Whilst there is a deep spiritual connection to the seven animal spirits with which the Albanni…