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Dead Air

DEAD AIR: September Update – Character Release Imminent

Our heads are down on the final stretch of primary writing. We have only a small handful of character briefs to complete, and then the consistency and cross-checking. To give ourselves a little bit of a margin for error, our target date is now Sunday 25th to release the sheets – a week today. Some sheets may start to be released earlier if we are happy they pass consistency checks.

At the same time as the briefings, we will be issuing invitations to meet with your covenant fellows and with the writers in an online forum, to answer general queries and familiarise yourselves with each others’ faces.

Last of all, we are pinning down catering specifics and the house is full of the hum of 3D printers busily printing away. Props are propped, items itemised and notes notated. It’s frantic, but we are confident it’s achievable.

It’s nearly ready.