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Coming Out of the Dark

As we head deep into the darkness from which 2022 will not emerge, we look into the future and see where we go:

a sunlit mountain range

Dead Air

Dead Air, the one-shot game of wizard politics, was two weeks ago. It went well. It’s not going to happen again, but we’re going to be publishing the character sheets and briefings in PDF and – if there’s interest – physical book form.


Forsaken will happen at Kinver scout camp (same place as last time) on 5th to 7th May 2023. Moved from Easter for Mysterious Purposes. The New Town is established, and with a base of operations the world can be rebuilt. The worst has happened, and handily there’s nobody trying to make everything go even more wrong. Tickets are available now.

T67 / Surface Features

A bit of a break has given us some more keen for Tenement 67, our game of Cyperpunk futures. We had to cancel our last planned event, Surface Features, due to venue issues and low ticket sales, but if we can find a suitable location for our social PvP game of elimination, we’re going to see if we can get that running. More news when we have it.


Hiraeth – our game of heroics in an ancient and narrative land – is on the back burner for a bit. The rewrite from Alba is taking longer than we hoped, and the pandemic was a heavy flow of water over creative spark. We’re hoping to start running Hiraeth events in 2024, and apologise for the delay.

The Sisyphus / Tabula Rasa

Climb abord The Sisyphus

In The Before Times we mentioned we were intending to run one final run each of our repeating games of identity and mystery, The Sisyphus – a multiversal bottle-episode thriller, and Tabula Rasa – a scifi suspense mystery. We’ve now got some dates for those pencilled for winter 2023/24, and once Dead Air has come to a complete stop we’ll start ramping up towards those. Stay tuned here, on Facebook or on the mailing list

Something New

Next year we’ll be debuting an entirely new game licenced from Games Workshop’s Rogue Trader setting. No space marines, no epic power fantasies, just a small ship in a vast universe full of unknowable chaos that distressingly seems to care about you. Specifically.

Once More Into Empire

Plus a couple of Empire events, probably. More information when we think of it.


Our reach extends our grasp, or what is Carcosa for? There’s a high chance some of the things above might not happen, and an even higher chance that additional ideas will crop up and be slotted into the schedule where it can. Stay tuned for further details.

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