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The Raven in the Room

Okay, so, COVID-19, formerly the Novel Coronavirus. We’ve got an event next week, and future events coming up, so we thought it’s worth letting you know where we’re at.

We’re not planning on cancelling events at this stage, unless sensible government guidelines or – failing that – common sense suggest it’s the best option. If we do, we’re happy to offer the transfer of tickets to future events – or account credit – at your option, right up until the event. Refunds are harder – we’re not in a situation where we can promise them – but we will do our level best to give you as much notice as we can all take the best of any available options.

The next Alba event site has hot running water and soap available, we ask that when you arrive on site you wash your hands before signing in. The site has all normal Scout site standards by default, but it’s going to take a special effort to keep everything sensible levels of hygienic. If you are symptomatic of the virus, please contact NHS Direct for advice, and if you are ill – even with ‘just a cold’, please stay home. Reducing the immune system of those in danger of the disease is actively hostile. It’s worth bringing things like soap even where the site would normally provide it.

Larp is a game that requires people to take your own safety, and those of the other players, into into your hands in many ways. We expect you to be careful and know your abilities and limitations in combat, in emotional roleplay, even in camping in March. For this pandemic, this extends to the care and protection of our players and crew against that as well, and we’ve no intention of losing sight of that.

We will update you if anything changes, please email if you have any questions.


— CD