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Forsaken 8 bookings open

Forsaken β€œSeason Two” is the second act in the ongoing tale of the last of humanity doing everything they can to survive during a Biblical inspired apocalypse set in modern day Britain. Whilst some things have changed since season one the focus on personal character exploration, relationships and drama remain.


More sick Jinn have been encountered, the disease spread by the Cult of Job is having a devastating effect on their people and with the closing of last event, most if not all of the camp are certainly infected. Only time and the actions of the survivors will determine how much this plague takes out of the survivors.

With the Archangels in conclave, Heaven remains closed and prayers continue to go unanswered. In Hell the Architect told the survivors that a choice must be made, Hope or Justice.

Where will your character stand?

Practical information:

4th October 2019

The Grange, Coventry, UK, CV7 7FP

Ticket price: Β£85

There will be 60 player spaces with priority given to returning players until 1st May 2019, new players are still encouraged to book as new players spaces will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

To book please complete this form.

Once processed payment details and place confirmations will be sent on 1st May 2019.


The site has hot showers, toilets and running drinking water.


There is a large camping field on site for everyone to use in the OC area.

If you wish you may camp in character, when you arrive on site please tell a REF and we will show you where you can put your tent/shelter up in the IC area.

Player Food

This event will be un-catered however we will be providing cooking facilities which fit the game setting so that you do not have to break character to cook and eat. We recommend that as part of your characters equipment you have some way to cook on an open fire and bring suitable food such as rations or tinned food if you intend to eat in character.

Our community Facebook group is a good resource for helping with those nervous about this.

There will be 2 gas stoves, tables and prep space in a shack style building with a roof on, there will be space for cool boxes etc. and a fire pit.

We will also have water in the game area for cooking and washing purposes. This can be refilled at a stand pipe outside the toilet block.

Transport by train

The train station is a 10 – 20 minute walk away or very short taxi ride. The station is called Berkswell.