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Cut the Strings

An Empire Sanctioned event

29th April – 1st May 2022

Tickets: £85

Places available: 45

Venue: Danemead Scout Camp

Some of you know us as the “Reikos Four”, once gardeners of High Chalice we now help those who have had to endure the most.

With the influence of Llofir gone from Tamabrode we were able to go into the region and look for survivors of both the Druj and the Spring menace. We have come across a most unusually tragic situation and require more assistance from the heroes of the Empire.

Due to the sensitive nature of the survivors plight more specific information on the aid mission will only be divulged to those who answer this call. It will be dangerous, there are things in the area which will seek to cause us harm, but we’ll also need those quick of mind to save the souls of the those we aid.

Themes: Action, Puzzle solving, Adventure, Body Horror

What to expect: A medium to high character death threat level.

The planned high threat parts of the event will be clearly sign posted. Please note that we cannot determine the outcome of character behaviours which may up the threat level.

There will be significant elements of the plot which involve a level of physicality equal to a fighting type quest found at main events.

The key plot will focus on the plight of poor souls who survived the invasion and occupation by the Druj, then Llothir and the decisions they made to live. We don’t want to give too much away but there will be influences and effects of both Spring magic and Winter magic in the IC area which do make up some of the plot.

Does this mean I need to be a mage to enjoy or interact with the plot?

Not at all. We are writing the event with no definitive skill requirements needed to solve any of the plots. Whilst certain skill sets will make some elements a little easier/simpler to accomplish roleplay and decision making will be the key to achieving goals.

That includes religious, physik and martial skills.

In fact, it would be possible to “resolve” the plot without using any XP spend skills. We have hinted at some of the non-skill methods and roleplay requirements in the “Dolly” game information drop which can be found here in full, along with other “Winds of” style posts.

In game objects (without ribbons): Objects left behind may be as important as the character who owned them, not only could they provide clues, but they could be key to resolving issues or simply be points of discussion for roleplay.

During the event you’ll encounter objects, keep an eye out for them, you never know where they may be encountered. We just ask that you be careful with fragile props and generous with things that you find, please do not horde them.

Landscape: Unfortunately, due to the wooded nature of the venue these encounters will not be suitable for those with mobility problems.There will also be element of the plot which take place around the main camp area, not that whilst these will be more physically accessible, they will take place in woodland. There is no indoor encounter space.

Food: Food is not included in the ticket price however a caterer will be on site and meal tickets will be available.

Sleeping: Camping will be available OC and IC. Note that IC camping will need to be generic sleeping areas. If you have a larger group tent you would like to bring let us know in advance. This will have the be part of the “village” set up, but we’ll make a note that this is our space.

Power: There is limited access to power in the crew building should you require it.Toilets and Showers: Both are available. There are no indoor sleeping facilities available to players at this event as our crew who require them will be using them.

Covid: We do not know what restrictions will be in place if any but rest assured regardless we will be taking steps to ensure the event is a safe as possible. More details will be released closer to the event but expect vaccine (players and crew having them except for medical reasons), tests and hand washing as a minimum.

Event timings

Friday: Time in @8pm/Time out approx. 1am plot depending – we request all players be on site and ready at 7.30pm for briefing.

Saturday: Time in @10am/Time out approx. 1am plot depending.

Sunday: Pack down OC. The caterer will provide breakfast

Special thanks to PD for their support.