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The Inevitable Post

So, as per the last post, common sense and government recommendations have swung towards the thing we didn’t want to do. We’ve had a number of people come to the conclusion that for their own safety, they’d rather stay away. This in conjunction with a generous offer from the site for cancellation has brought us to a somewhat inevitable conclusion, and so it is with extreme reluctance we’ve made the call:

Next week’s Summerlands Alba event, as well as the later Greenwood event, are postponed. After this crisis has passed, we’ll reschedule both of them in discussion with those who had booked for them.

As we said before, we’re refunding account credit, and this can be put towards any future Alba events. Scott will contact anyone who’s bought a meal ticket with refund details.

Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you at future events.

Stay Safe,

— CD