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T67 Survival Night – A review of sorts

When we were contacted by Erin and Hazel asking if they could use the Tenement 67 universe for an online larp we were very excited. It is the first time someone has asked and we were more than happy to aid in its facilitation.

Being players of the T67 events we have run they really got the feel of the setting and we mostly helped with answering queries on some of the lesser known elements.

An impressive multi-room discord set up was used to run the larp, voice channels for “face to face” interaction and text based for short distance communications, for actions and area descriptions. It looks simple enough but the effort put in on the night manage the 30+ players and crew on various channels with two GM’s was super impressive.

We won’t spoil the plot because its now part of the game cannon and some elements are very personal to some characters. It was however spot on! It was so Tenement 67, so bleak and so many personal story arcs focused on the “people” and not the world.

We have to offer our thanks for also allowing us to trial something, it was something we never had finished in time for the live events and it was jumped on by Erin and Hazel.

The A.I vending machines, which we hope to make more appearances in future larps. Yes! Participants interacted with a talking and feeling vending machine.

So whilst we wait for the world to become less dangerous and for a time to return where live face to face larp can be run safely we recommend you keep an eye out for what these two fantastic organisers run next. Obviously you’ll have to book after we have. πŸ˜‰