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This weekend has been the Great Casting as we try to match your questionnaire submissions to our character matrix. After a mammoth session today we are 95% there, and just have a little bit of tetris to do for the last few awkward-to-cast characters.

Once the final cut has been circulated to our team for sign-off, we will be contacting booked players by email with their draft casting. Everyone has been matched to a greater than 50% accuracy with the vast majority of players matched to above 70% accuracy against their requested template.

Keep your eyes open for an email from us in the next week or so.

Once all the emails have gone out we will do a major update on the Dead Air wiki adding casting – this is currently projected for next weekend.

Once casting is finalised, we will be looking to arrange video calls by covenant to give the players a chance to familiarise themselves with each others’ faces and ask any initial questions – we’ll be sorting those out in due course.

Character briefing release is currently scheduled for September. We are on schedule for that at present, all being well.

It’s all got a bit real.