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Calibrating your experiences

What if the experience is not working for me? 

What if I need to talk something through with someone or I have a question? 

Most of us have been there, you’re at an event and things just don’t seem to be going right. Perhaps you feel like you have no way to affect the game, maybe your brief is not working out how it was supposed to or there is nothing going on that you can access.

We try to keep an eye for when things are going wrong but sometimes we miss them and this is where we hope players feel like they can approach us to calibrate the experience.

Its something we mention in pre-game briefs but in the hubbub and rush it can be lost. Feedback from recent games has confirmed this, a few times hence this long overdue blog post.

Simply approach a member of the games team/an in game ref/ and ask β€œCan I have a private word please?”

We’ll be making sure we spend more time pointing these people out before games start.

At this point they will move away from the action with you to assist as much as possible.

What can you use this for?

  • General mechanics queries.
  • If you would like to inform us that your character is doing something you feel we should know about.
  • To help us calibrate your experience; if you are feeling not engaged or would like your character experience to be more or less in one direction or another, let us know so we can step in and make changes/additions.
  • For off game support or advice.
  • Any other queries.