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Dead Air

DEAD AIR: August Update

The Dead Air Is So Close You Can Smell It

A quick update for our patient players awaiting their chance to see what we’ve done, who to, and with how much malice aforethought…

23rd September: this is our deadline for completing all primary writing and sending out character briefing materials to all players. At the moment, we are on course to hit this deadline but it’s a bit squeaky, which is why we are hard at it at the moment. Briefing materials are currently in MSWORD format, but we are looking at ways to get them to players accessibly and online. If you have accessibility issues around text please let us know and we’ll try and mitigate.

Some character briefings contain audio files – again, if you experience issues loading or playing them once you receive them, or need transcripts, please let us know.

To end second week in October: We will be scheduling a “covenant call” for each covenant – this will be a Teams call with the players for the covenant who can make it, and some of the writing team where we hope we can answer any questions you have about the general game and background. At the same time we will be dealing with individual clarification requests and queries via email around specific character backgrounds. We will try and get these invitations out well in advance to give people a chance to schedule, or in case we need to move them about.

To End October: We will be prepping the physical player packs to go out – your sigils, and any key props that are small enough to go via post.

There will be more on the site and the event specifics including arrival times and schedules in our September update…