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Tenement 67

Tenement 67 – Dreaming of shattered neon

Surface Features Cancellation

The ongoing Covid outbreak has caused Surface Features to be moved several times. Unfortunately, each time the game has moved we have lost players, crew and momentum which has proven impossible for us to recover. Sadly, we have had to seriously consider the viability of running this game, and sadly we have made the difficult decision to cancel. We have made this decision to insure we can provide the most refunds possible, rather than risk the possibility of losing ticket money with further expenses. We have also made the hard decision to put live T67 events on the backburner until times are better suited for it.

We will be refunding bookings in the following manner:

All players who have paid a sum of money for this event will be emailed with their balance, and a request for their details for a bank transfer. Once we receive a reply, we will send a full refund of all funds paid to the details provided.

We know that this news is disappointing for everyone – we would dearly love to be able to run this game – but it is not currently viable, especially with the added pressure of social engagements outside the larping sphere rightly taking priority for many.

We hope that in the future we will be able to run this or a very similar event.

Header Photo by Maryna Yazbeck on Unsplash


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