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A New Way Forward

Whilst Covid 19 has disrupted our ability to run physical events safely it has given us time to reflect on our current projects and future works. We won’t give anything away here but trust that we are working hard in the background and expect some announcements in the coming months regarding Forsaken, Alba and Tenement 67.

There’s also lots of new exciting projects underway, Project Dead Air but also some new larp adjacent products and projects using different forms of physical and digital media.

We’ve also been flexing our writing muscles on short pieces of fiction, none of these are related to any games but give us a chance to publish something online under the Carcosa Dreams banner. You can find these here:

If you enjoy it enough, consider buying us a coffee.

We would also like to throw a quick shout out to Erin and Hazel, their T67 online game Survival Night was a huge success. It was our first experience of allowing another team to take something we’ve written and run their own project with it. Well worth it.

Finally Rob has been working on using Tweets as a way of telling stories in short micro fictions set in our Tenement 67 Universe. These will be post sporadically on twitter and these can be found here: