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Tenement 67

Structured activity and Expanded briefs

Welcome to T67 – Structured activities

Yesterday we talked about calibrating experiences here and today we are talking about some of the actions we are taking from previous feedback.

We have listened to feedback from previous events and something that has been raised is the lack of pre-advertised structured activities. Along with some other issues this had a negative effect on some archetypes and players missing out on scenes and opportunities to play their way.

In order to resolve this we will be putting in some “key scenes” which unless disrupted by significate player action will be planned to go ahead at set times. If you have suggestions for key scenes which you would like to see please get in touch using

Planned key scenes;

Afflictions and Clinic Times

Tenement life is not easy, medical care and the standard of living are generally poor. To represent this we are offering tenement dwelling characters the opportunity to begin the larp with afflictions. These ongoing medical issues will be clearly briefed with suitable resolution briefings available to medical characters.

To make this into key scenes and to ensure that those playing medical characters can plan in time for themselves beyond “fixing others” there are widely known “Clinic times” at the Willow Foundation medical centre.

These are:

Friday:  2pm – 4pm, Saturday: 1pm – 3pm and 6pm – 8pm

This structure is not in place to prevent role-play but instead provide some in game back up to those players who may wish to refuse service based on being overwhelmed/swamped by the medical role-play. With this in mind should a Willow Foundation or other medical character (Back street for example) use the phrase “Clinic times are between…” you take that as a disengage instruction similar to the shading eyes mechanic.

Union Rally

At 5pm on Friday and Saturday the Union have planned to hold organised rallies, they are expecting this to draw in crowds and supporters from nearby tenements. These rallies do not prevent other Union action or protests but instead provide a fixed point where players/characters interested can easily engage.

It will be supported in the game space with fliers and notices as a reminder along with some surprise support from the games team, NPC’s and SFX team.

Bar opening times

When can you get a drink?

Previously the bar has had the optional control of player characters. This will be offered up again as normal however we would like to work more closely with those who wish to take it on or provide an NPC team to operate it at key times.

We would like to support any players interested in coming up with a theme and a briefing on opening times, pricing and set dressing support. If you are interested please get in touch.

The Rave

 Tenement 67 is famous for its Saturday night peace rave.

It normally starts between 9pm and 10pm. It is an almost religious affair with a moment of silence observed at midnight before the tunes are pumped out for all to enjoy until the “break of dawn” (note that the larp will end at midnight).

The Relief Shift

For the police department the hours are long and dangerous. There is nothing more beautiful than the arrival of the relief shift transport and hand over, it’s when arrested criminals can be moved out and more importantly when the cops can go home.

The relief shift will arrive on Saturday between 10.30pm and 11pm unless in game circumstances dictate otherwise.

This is not designed to prevent roleplay but is in place to allow these players the opportunity to attend the last hour of the rave as a “party character” if they choose to. Alternatively there is the option for police characters to do overtime and stay on the clock allowing the player to experience the rave as their primary role.

Welcome to T67 – Expanded briefs

Over the next month we will be releasing expanded briefs for some if not all of the archetypes. These will include some extra information on in game goings on and some notes on design decisions and expectations of the roles.


If you haven’t booked already please check out this link. We have a number of weekend and day tickets still available.