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Tenement 67

Character Development

It’s a little later than planned but the guide and link are now ready for the next stage of the character development process.
The guide covers the questions we’ll needs some answers (where it works for you). If you have been before you may notice some changes, additions and improvements to these, they will allow us to plan the plot encounters around your characters.

When you are ready you can post your answers here:

Other updates:

We posted some blog posts up over the weekend, check them out.

International/travel assistance players:

We sent an email previously regarding travel assistance. As noted in that email we are looking at assisting with the purchasing of rail tickets which go from the airport to the village the venue is in, from there we will be ferry people to the venue. This option will work out much cheaper than hiring a coach for the small number who need this option.

Please get in touch if you still need this assistance so we can start making bookings.