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Tenement 67

Day Tickets

We have had some questions about day tickets for the tenement 67 cyber punk larp event on 17thย August 2019.

Tickets cost ยฃ50.

What do they include?

Firstly access to the game playing any available archetype. These are not separate or less important roles.

Available character archetypes:

Syndicate Lieutenant

Security, the Indentured and the Entertainment donโ€™t manage themselves. The hands of the Boss, your role is to make sure your area is operating at full capacity with no issues.

The Right Hand

Loyal to the Boss no matter who they are, the Butcher does not do politics. They enforce the will of those strong enough to take and hold power.

Syndicate Street Punks

Loyalty brings wealth and power. You have brought into the ethos and left old rivalries and gang colours behind. The tenement needs to be run and your lieutenant needs you.

The Humanitarian Workers Union

The strike has been going on for months, time are harder than ever and the streets are tense. In tenement 67 the Syndicate have kept their promise of looking after the locals and this includes you.

T.R.U (Tactical Response Unit) officers

Tenement riots are a daily occurrences in most places now, itโ€™s being led by Red Flag member and street gangs. You have been pulled in to support and keep safe a unit of detectives whilst also maintain order and ensuring the street are patrolled. 

Locals and Others

Existing characters or concepts which are not covered already. Ripper docs, organ harvesters, entertainers, hustlers, local business owners, hungry locals, the elite super rich on a jollyโ€ฆ

The Church of the Digital Mother Repentant

โ€œHear the words children of the dark-age, you must seek her out, only through seeing the signs will you be able to be at one with the Digital God.โ€

For more details on the character archetypes available please read this document:

Secondly access to the game and facilities from Saturday morning until time out, AND access to the after party including the option to stay over night.

For more details:

These tickets would really suit someone new to larp, those on a budget or those who cannot do a whole weekend for any other reason.

To enquire about booking a space please email:

Or book here!