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Forsaken season two is here

The apocalypse continues. Once-possessed corpses now rot in the blasted ruins of human civilisation, a reprieve in a way but an uncertain future now faces those who have fought so hard to survive.

The war against the walking dead is over but humanity remains Forsaken, and the world is far from safe. Behind walls one group has remained hidden for some time, a prophecy foretold that they should wait for others to come and soon enough they will not be disappointed. On the road guided by the champion of an Archangel another group approaches. For them it’s been a long journey, death and loss have been their friends but also victory and salvation.

As the sun sets on another day many questions will need to be answered, who are these people and why has, Uriel β€œwho sees all”, brought the last of humanity together? Forsaken Season Two is the second act in the ongoing tale of the last of humanity doing everything they can to survive during a Biblical inspired apocalypse set in modern day Britain. Whilst some things have changed the focus on personal character exploration, relationships and drama remain.

If you have booked for the first event in April please follow this link to the introduction document.

Intro doc

For those interested in this larp please get in touch with us via email. Player spaces are very limited but we do have an assortment of crew roles available.