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The Warriors Fate

Something roared from the tree line, this was the third time now and it was getting closer. Their spear still pointed outwards they looked to the Shaman still whispering to the huge figure in the centre of the glade.

Noticing the warriors gaze upon them the Shaman mouthed, β€œNot much longer”, before returning to their conversation with Boar.

The warrior returned to their vigil, being out in the darkness, so close to the Other Place was dangerous enough, but this glade was exposed. Young Brenel’s life was in danger, the disease needed to be purged and so the risk was worth it.

The roar came again. Soon they would have to fight, to defend the Shaman until the task was complete.

β€œAll done, time to return.” Said the Shaman from over the Warriors shoulder.

β€œIt’s too late for me, take the blood and run. It has found us.” They replied.

From behind them in the middle of the glade Boar snorted and chuckled. β€œListen to your defender Shaman, the thing in the trees will fight the Warrior and I will be entertained. Go now, leave the forest and return to your world.”

With the blood consumed, Young Brenel improved rapidly, within minutes they were sat upright asking what was available to eat.

Their task now complete the Shaman waited by one of the stones marking the edge of village, dawn was approaching, if the warrior did not return soon they would be lost in the Other Place…