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A summary of our dreams

And so concludes our week of updates, and so in the style of these things, a summary of what we learned:

  • COVID-19 should get the hint that nobody likes it and just piss off already
  • Dead Air writing proceeds apace, and we’ve announced the event will happen November 2022, at Ingestre Hall, Staffordshire. We’ll announce booking when it opens.
  • The Dead Air writing team will be doing an “Ask Us Anything” with any questions you wish to learn the secret knowledge of, and you should ask those questions on that post.
  • The apocalyptic world of Forsaken will continue into event 9, and players can enter new characters or register for a downtime with their existing one at the linked google form.
  • We’ve had to cancel Surface Features as the current uncertainty has led to dwindling interest and ability to run an event we feel worthwhile.
  • Tenement 67 in general feels a little over-exposed right now, so we’re moving events to the backburner for a bit to concentrate on other things.
  • The lack of momentum for Alba, and the increased political interest in its title, has given us an opportunity to take it back into the shop for repairs for a bit. We’ll be relaunching with a new name, a better established focus and drive, and some mechanical changes as soon as we’ve finished rewriting it.
  • We’re still optimistic about the future, even if the future in our dreams is sometimes a bit of a nightmare. To this end we’ll be running one final version of each of our limited run games, Tabula Rasa and The Sisyphus in the new year.

We’ve not got bookings open for any of those things right now, but to keep in touch with our schemes, there are myriad options available, including:

And should you want our tendrillar eye to train upon your shadow’s source, you can always contact us directly.

Dream well.

Header Photo by Jaime Spaniol on Unsplash