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Tenement 67

Gangs needed!


The brave officers of the City Police Department are entering the infamous Tenement 67 for the first time in years. They are tasked with bringing law and order to a slum rife with organised crime and poverty.

We have the Cops but we need more criminals.
Does the idea of creating your own cyberpunk street gang appeal to you?

Alongside standard tickets we will be releasing day tickets in the coming weeks. These will be for those only able to attend the Saturday, the price of these will be Β£35 or Β£50 if wanting to stay overnight/after party.

More information will be available on the website and Facebook group soon.


Tenement 67 is a larp focusing on the struggles of the people who live, love and die in an abandoned slum in the year 2040. It will be a turbulent time for the residents as a new police unit is sent in to reassert law and order which has not been present for some time.

Familiar tropes of cyber punk pop culture will be common themes as well as some of the harsh social disparities which affect our modern day lives.

Expect striking unions, sinister corporate stooges, fugitives, illegal data runs, gang violence, underfunded police officers, digital religion, raves and organised crime.


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