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Reasons To Be Cheerful – 1-2-3

Hi all!

I’m sitting here looking out of the study window at a grey, dark day with endless rain falling out of a sky made of lead, and it doesn’t feel like there’s much to be cheerful about. Like many, I’ve just stopped reading the news, and cut most of my social media down – so I am feeling a bit isolated and I imagine I am not alone in that. The world is running mad out there.

So it dawned on me that maybe it was time for an update – and to bring you up to speed on some of our current developments, in the hopes it’ll be a bit of sunshine breaking through the clouds.

2021 Events

No news here as of yet, so the situation remains as outlined on our previous blog post. Like everyone else we are monitoring the situation regarding COVID and will announce any changes to our current plans as they are finalised. Our earliest planned live events are currently on the board for spring next year, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely, with the safety of any participants and a responsible approach foremost in our minds.

Roleplaying Online

Some of the work we have done recently has raised the possibility of converting one of our existing properties – Tabula Rasa – for online play. We are investigating this now, and hope to have some news on that score soon. If so, it will be an exciting opportunity to get an event run without any associated health risks.

New Stuff

We are working hard at the moment on a commission – something specifically designed for the circumstances we find ourselves in and something that might bring a bit of pleasure to the midwinter for people; something old, and something new. Watch this space toward the end of the month. Fans of Broken Dreams’ Twilight Theatre events, take note.

Dead Air

Work continues on Dead Air and we believe we have found a suitable location and date, late in 2021 (we have given up any hope of running on the actual anniversary date). We have completed the vast majority of high-level writing for it and have moved on to writing the character briefs now. We hope to be able to publish an event wiki soon to introduce you to the world of the Order of Hermes at the very end of its life. We are perhaps 15% of the way into the main body of the writing, which is proceeding slowly as it always does at the start of these projects.

It’s still unclear as to whether or how this can run as a face to face event; we are hopeful that by late 2021 we will be in a position to start running face to face events of this scale again, but if not, we are considering other alternatives.

The writing team have been talking about doing some podcasts to talk about the design and writing process – let us know if that, or an AMA, is something you might be interested in.

Chin Up

It’s been a hell of a year and time is moving strangely. It hardly seems like a month ago that it was March, yet the last live event we ran – The Sisyphus, in February – feels like an ocean of time in the past. It’s been tough to put so many projects on hold, and to try and find a way to keep things going through the circumstances we find ourselves in.

With a second wave breaking over the country and more lockdown news every day, it can feel pretty bleak, especially as the days draw in and the nights get longer. The dark days of winter will be hard this year. More, even, than earlier in the year, this is a time to look after each other, to reach out and to support people around you. While the storm rages, community may be all we have.

Roleplaying allows you to choose what you want to be. For now, in this time, in these circumstances, choose to be kind.

And hopefully, come next year, we can all meet again, and choose to be proper monsters to each other for fun.