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Formori and Bog Witches

We have started to add examples of the kind of Antagonists your characters can expect to face in Alba. Today there is some information on two of the more common ones, the Formori and Bog Witches.


These monstrous folk come from the sea, some claim their ancestors once visited a strange land across the seas somewhere of the coast of the Northlands. A place of beach side villages littered with the bones and flesh of giant sea creatures, victims of the Formori feeding frenzy.

Patches of scaled skin glisten under there net and seaweed covered clothing, their dark and bloody mouths often full of gnarled, sharp Pike like teeth.

They are predominantly encountered when they raid Albanni coastal lands in savage assaults. Their language where they choose to use it is close enough to that of the Albanni that on rare occasions the Formori have approached a coastal village to make dark trade pacts. Whilst they can be lucrative, accepting these pacts is dangerous. Not only can dealing with the Formori be tricky but the stain of this betrayal of the Albanni is one which is hard to remove.

Bog Witches

These Old Ones appear to the Albannni like the drowned corpse of a human, blueish pale flesh, dark lips, tangled hair and mouldy clothing.

They hide from the sun in their dark, damp huts which can be found throughout Alba. There they sit patiently awaiting for Albanni in dire need to come knocking, desperate for their help no matter the cost.

By candle light they offer cures and curses for a variety of mundane afflictions and magical conundrums the Albanni face. The price? It can cost the very nature of being or simply a well cooked meal but that’s for you to find out, should you be desperate enough to risk everything.