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โ€œThey are a thief and a murder!โ€

A cheer came up from the gathered crowd unable to resist the blood fever running through the community.

Bron surely was a thief but a murder no. โ€œI stole the spear, the bow and the dagger, but I am no murderer.โ€

The crowd incensed by the confession surged forward to seize them but Erin stood her ground, a sharp look and the crowd pulled back.

โ€œPlease Erin, slayer of the night beast. Grant me mercy and banishment.โ€

Erin’s eyes keeping the crowd at bay. She had been the champion of the village for many years, bested every challenger both far and wide, and with it came her duty to maintain justice.

โ€œFight them.โ€ Someone heckled from the crowd.

โ€œKill them.โ€ Someone else hollered.

Erin straitened her back and the crowd became calm once more and a nervous silences descended, the greatest Warrior they had seen was about to pass judgement.

โ€œI will not fight Bron, it would be no challenge and the outcome decided before they had grasped a club. Bron shall declare a challenge and if I cannot complete the challenge they will be banished, should I complete the task, then I will execute them.โ€

In the crowd a robed Keeper watched, carefully making marks on a piece of hide. It distracted Erin for a moment.

Erin continued, their focus back on the matter at hand. โ€œBron did steal the weapons of our kin, and in so condemned the family to death when the night came. This is murder and we will have justice!โ€

The crowd went wild and Bron grinned, a scheme was forming.

โ€œI challenge you to make that Keeper weep, with no weapon, no foot, nor fist.โ€ Their smile was dark and sinister, none had heard of a Keeper weeping and without the ability to hurt them surely Bron would live another day.

Erin gently laid her spear down, removed her knife and pack.

The first note she sang gripped all, the crowd was silenced and the Keeper stopped making notes. She sang of endless love of two spirits encountered in the Other Place, deaths which were separated by rivers and time, their perseverance and strength bringing them together despite the odds.

As the final note was sung all eyes were on the Keeper, the crowd now awash with blushed tearful faces, their tear filled eyes transfixed.

It started with a tremble of the lip almost unnoticeable but it was there, a shake of their hand still clutching the charcoal they had earlier been making notes with. Moments later a single tear ran down their cheek.

The crowd went wild again.

โ€œJustice.โ€ They howled at the sky.