Carcosa Dreams

Games, Events, Madness


The morning after the day before… [What a day may look like]

They rose a few hours ago but the morning meal has just been tidied away, there was much for the Hunter to discuss after scouting the Other Place the night before.

• They found a number of Blood Mushrooms, an important ingredient used by Druids and Shaman when curing wounds and poisons.

• At the moons fullest a Great Beast was spotted, the villages Warriors joined the Hunter in bringing down the beast after is began to rampage towards the village. A totem had been crafted and a decision would need to be made on which God should receive the sacrifice.

• A Bog witch’s mound was found but they dared not enter without the guidance of the elders, they had planned to take them to it once the morning mists had cleared.

After distributing the mushrooms equally it was time for the Druids to discuss their evenings, they passed on the tales told in front of the Keepers and celebrated the gifting of a story token to Gwyn.

The tale of Gwyn the Warrior the day before and their bravery in the face of the Formori war band had been greatly received and deemed worthy by the Keepers.

• The competition between the Warriors in the settlement had gotten rough in the afternoon and the work to assist the injured went on until the sun set.

• During the evening the settlement had been visited by an outsider, it drew the attention of all the Druids present as the outsider had some very strange views on the God’s. There had been serious debate into the early hours and they now had the directions to a mythical barrow the outsider claimed contained valuable information. A visit was being planned to head out after first meal.

Gwyn yawned and then continued to grin wildly, a story token was something to be proud of, their parents had earned many and this was their first. A mouth full of food the village elder pointed at them indicating that they should enlighten the family of their previous day’s interactions.

• There had been a poetry completion in the afternoon at the requests of a nearby Old One, the settlement needed something from them to satisfy an Other which had been encountered by the Shaman the night before. Gwyn came second but had no time celebrate.

• A group of Hunters blew their horns warning of an approaching threat. The gathered Warriors retrieved their spear and went boldly into the defence of the settlement.

The enemy did not come quickly, they took their time forming on the tree line. Shaman called out to the animals spirits and joined the Warriors preparing to head out. Druids applied woad to all as Hunters loosed arrows into the treeline to keep the vile creatures at bay. Then there was a great fight…

• They had been recovering when the Hunters asked for help in the evening but they had already told that tale.
The Shaman rose, stretching their arms wide to the sky like and angry bear as they yawned and began their tale.

• On the edge of the settlement an emissary of Adder has approached the edge of the settlement, the Shaman of all the villages no out in the Other Place gathered to hear that Adder was furious about something, they had been offended and the Shaman were to gather….. (No spoilers).