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Save the dates

We are pleased to announce that we have secured sites for our first three regional Alba events to take place this year.

We don’t have full details of the events available yet but more information will be coming soon including ticket prices, our E&D policies, mechanics and much more.

The Woodland Call

(The Fenlands event 1)
12th – 14th July 2019 – Fox Covert, Leicestershire

The Fenlands are the name given to the low-lying eastern flanks of Alba and encompass both the great marshes and flatlands of the eastern plain and the long eastern and south-eastern coastal strip.

In real-world terms, The Fenlands encompasses areas equivalent to East Anglia, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Huntongdonshire; the Wash, the Thames estuary and inland as far as Herfordshire and Bedfordshire. Keywords: Marshes, flatlands, floodplains, lowlands, coastal.Β 

A Northern Welcome

(The North Country event 1)
30th August – 1st September 2019 – Duncarron Medieval Village,
Carron Valley, ScotlandΒ **


High plateaus, wild and breathtakingly beautiful moors, windswept expanses between towering peaks, harsh winters, hard but kind people, unyielding grey stone, poor crops, settlements smaller and further away but motivated by fierce pride in their land and their traditions. The North Country breeds warriors and has to – it is the most attacked part of Alba.

In real world terms, The North Country covers lands equivalent to Yorkshire and Northumbria, the Lakes and Cumbria and, of course, Scotland. It is easily as big as the other four Albanni lands put together, while having the smallest overall population.

Whispers in the Hills

(The Old Country event 1)
8th – 10th November 2019 – Kinver, Stourbridge

The Old Country the name given to the mountainous and rugged western flanks of Alba, and the low plains that connect them to the rest of the mainland in the east. The Old Country has both some of the largest settlements in Alba, and the wildest and most remote territory.

In real-world terms, The Old Country encompasses areas equivalent to Wales, the Welsh marches, Cornwall and Devon, Dorset and Somerset, the West Country and Shropshire. Keywords: Wild mountains and coasts in the west, rich plains in the east, dark forests in the middle and the north.