Carcosa Dreams

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The circle had been there for as long as the farm had, and in the early night you could imagine grand events within it under the starlight. Theatres would have contained less sheep, though, and whatever had been before, they had claimed it – now and forever – as their home.

It’s pretty much inevitable that the first set of questions we got on announcement were “What is it?” and “Is it Odyssey 2”?

It is Alba. It isn’t Odyssey.

And while it’s got Ian, Antony & Aquarion behind it, we weren’t Odyssey, and pretending we were is a massive disservice to a grand team that pulled off something amazing, together, and Helly & Rob bring their own special magic.

Given who is involved, though, and the games we enjoy running and playing, there are going to be some commonalities, and it’s got a few touchstones in common. But this isn’t Odyssey. This isn’t Champions and Warleaders, there isn’t an Arena, there’s only one nation to come from.

It is about legends, though. It’s about the stories we tell ourselves of the past, and the ones we tell of the present, and the way we speak of the past. It’s about the place you come from, and the place you want to be, and who you want to be when you get there.

If all that sounds a little nebulous, well, that’s because there’s a lot to go through between now and the first major event. Five regional events, for starters. We’ll explain everything, soon. But we wouldn’t want you to get bored.