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Changing of the Season – Booking open

Rolling fields and gentle hills, kind land with good grazing and rich harvests. These are the lands where the Potter and the Farmer hold sway, where the wild past of the Albanni sometimes seems the furthest from now. The Summerlands do not remember the last time they saw great strife or woe, and their people are more ready to embrace civility and peace than their neighbours. Gentle rivers and sunny beaches on the coasts bound the Summerlands to the south and east.

β€œBlessed are those who dwell forever in summer” is the greeting between neigbours for those who dwell in the good rich land of the Summerlands. The land is kind and not severe; the earth rich and the crops bountiful. Wide, lazy rivers wind slowly to the sea, bringing silt from the uplands to the west; and even in the dark of winter it seems there is a golden glow to the land that marks the benevolence of the Farmer on those who dwell there.

Life in the Summerlands revolves around the working of the land – either to grow food or other crops, or to otherwise gain access to the bounty of the earth. This, truly, is the land of Farmer and Potter, a place where things are made and harvested through honest toil and families and communities grow based on the bounty they can gather.

The Summerlands needs no external threat to remind it of the hardships of life, for the greatest enemy a Summerlander will ever face is another Summerlander. Contact between villages, with a few exceptions, inevitably turns into hostility, war and strife as trade merely exposes your riches to public view, and your neighbours covet what you have for their own.

Booking is now open for our first Summerlands event; The Changing of the Season.

20th – 22nd March 2020

Danemead camp, Hertfordshire.

Tickets: Β£80