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Villages and Community

Your characters home will not only help shape your character background and ties with others but also be a key story point of the game. They are not intended to provide characters with mechanical advantages or in game resources, they are a solid foundation for your character to build their story upon. World events, player action, victories and losses will all have an impact though, generating pre-game briefs and in game objectives enabling a personalised roleplay experience.

When bringing your village to life you will need to decide on two terrain types which help describe the geography of your village and surrounding area.

Open plains

Only found in the Summerlands these wide open spaces are perfect for the rudimentary farming practices undertaken by the Alabanni.


Found throughout the lands of the Albanni. In the Green Wood these forests take on an almost mystical guise, deep and dark the light struggles to penetrate the canopy in the winter months.


The seas around Alba are both a source of sustenance and anguish for those who live near them.

Hill and Mountain

Found only in the North Country and the Old County.


Suitable habitable cave systems that can sustain a whole village are not unheard of.


Dangerous, wet and magical places are the swamps of the Fenlands.


Isolated small communities occupy these inland islands found amongst lakes and wide rivers.

As well as the geographical element we’ll also be asking groups to think about their community and practices. With isolation being such a significant theme of Alba chances are these will be unique and very personal to each character. When the website goes live there will be some guidance on ensuring these fit the setting and remain within the respect guidelines/policy.

How does it function?

Who is the leader?

What practices do the village hold dear?

Do the people celebrate a unique festival each season?