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Apropos of Nothing

“Oh Ali, I will never again wish to go to the moon!”

“Never say never again, Faqib. You will always be made a liar by such absolutes. The wisest know that minds only grow when they change.”

– Faqib and Ali Go to the Moon

The Inevitable Post

So, as per the last post, common sense and government recommendations have swung towards the thing we didn’t want to do. We’ve had a number of people come to the conclusion that for their own safety, they’d rather stay away. This in…

The Raven in the Room

Okay, so, COVID-19, formerly the Novel Coronavirus. We’ve got an event next week, and future events coming up, so we thought it’s worth letting you know where we’re at. We’re not planning on cancelling events at this stage, unless sensible…

Calibrating your experiences

What if the experience is not working for me?  What if I need to talk something through with someone or I have a question?  Most of us have been there, you’re at an event and things just don’t seem to be going right. Perhaps you feel like you…

“A Pleasure Just To Be Nominated”

The LARP Awards are somewhat controversial, but it would be churlish not to appreciate that our players think highly enough of our events that we’re nominated five times for different things in their recently published list. So thank you all…