Carcosa Dreams

Games, Events, Madness



So, we’ve gone over the themes a bit, and our intents going in, and we’ve told some abstract tales about a world you don’t know yet. More of all of that, but let’s get some basic reality stuff down, so…

Lucan of Brennan

And so it came to pass that Lucan of Brennan came to the village, and behind them walked a Keeper.


The circle had been there for as long as the farm had, and in the early night you could imagine grand events within it under the starlight. Theatres would have contained less sheep, though, and whatever had been before, they…


They tell many tales of this green and eerie land. They say that the gods lay beneath us, That the spirits lay around us, That the power flows through us, and to us, and from. They say monsters come from…