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Dead Air

Dead Air…

Dead Air was the title we chose for the forthcoming Ars Magica game for a variety of reasons, but it also has a second meaning; the uncomfortable crackly silence between the end of a record and the realisation by the radio DJ that he’s missed his cue. We’re conscious that there’s been a lot of dead air from us of late, so here’s an update to let you know what’s afoot.

We have, reluctantly, taken the decision to push the game out to 2022, aiming for a spring rundate. The current situation is still too fluid, still too uncertain, for the 2021 season and we are not prepared to take risks with your health or your money. Vaccination is still at a very fragile stage and there’s a lot of road between here and normality.

The team convened for a call a fortnight ago and discussed our options and we decided delay was the one we liked best. We are starting to think about “Plan B” and what delivering this remotely might look like but that is an option of last resort. This is a game experience designed to evoke nostalgia on many levels and part of that is the whole “in person, at a site, in your best fighting togs” experience. The November date we were considering is now likely to be a T67 event if we do run an in-person thing.

The good news is the vast majority of the pre-play materials are now completed. Rather than the fine tradition of sending a fat inch of densely typed A4 paper through the post, we are planning to make the core public materials available online in a wiki format, and we are planning to make that available (and, we hope, push bookings live at the same time) on the anniversary of the last Grand Tribunal’s start in May 2006 (which was, conicidentally, only two months after Ian and Antony started courting…).

It’s still a little early to talk about ticket price, as the element which will provoke the lion’s share of that (site) is still quantum. We will advise as soon as that crystallises.

Character sheets… well, some of those are written (for a given value of written) already, and more are under construction. We are being a bit experimental with some of them. Progress is slow, as is to be expected in these exceptional times, but steady.

If you have any specific queries, pop them in to and we will do our best to respond. In the mean time, we will try to update a little more often now we are slowly emerging from winter hibernation.