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Weapons and Crafts

We are in the process of preparing some posts and information based on the feedback you have given us via the social media page and email. In this, the first of these posts we’ll be looking at Weapons, Crafts and the significance of these objects to the Warrior.

The Warrior in Alba is much more than a fighter to their village. They are seen as protectors and law keepers, but they also allow the village to display their prosperity and status for others to see, a vital element when dealings with outsiders.

Metal, especially iron/steel and the quality of its crafting is a sign of a villages power and strength, their past successes or failures. A village whose warriors are strong and skilled will have brought peace and safety, giving them more time to craft weapons, bucklers and ornate jewellery for their people.

An Albanni decked out with finely crafted weapons, tools and jewellery made of metal is respected the length and breadth of the land, someone to aspire to and someone to ally with when times require it.

Below we have some descriptions of crafted items found in Alba. We do not expect everyone to go out and buy new larp weapons, most spears for example will be indistinguishable. Instead we hope it adds something of a frame work for an aesthetic and more depth to the setting.

Spear heads
Spearheads are made in two-piece moulds, after casting a spearhead is finished, hammered and occasionally decorated. Looped spearheads are secured by a cord or leather thong. Pegged spearheads are pegged to the spear haft by bronze or wooden pegs.

The variation of spearhead size can indicates the purpose of its crafting. Some large, decorative and barbed spearheads are used in ceremonies as they are too large and valuable for fighting or hunting.

Bucklers are always made of wood or leather. To display wealth and prosperity it will be decorated on the edges in metals and occasionally in the centre of the face.

Bone is as common as metal when it comes to daggers. The hilt and pommel will normally be decorated with leather, beads, feathers and furs. Where a village is lucky enough to have a truly skilled Warrior the metal or bone of the blade will be decorated with intricate designs.

Hammers and Axes
Similar to daggers the handles of these weapons are commonly decorated. What is very rare is any intricate designs on the heads themselves, they are seen as a practical tool first, weapon second and status symbol third.

Worked amber, bones, feathers and stones bound with leather are common among the Albanni but where a Warrior shines is their ability to manipulate metals into torc & gorget. A simple search online for Bronze Age jewellery will provide many examples of beautiful jewellery which is suitable for high status Albanni.