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Dead Air

Looks Like We’re All Going On An Alpine Holiday

Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in (re)visiting the world of Ars Magica – based on the submissions, we have more than enough interest to proceed, so we are moving ahead with the project.

With the rules around lockdown and social distancing still in flux, we still don’t have a clear timetable for the nuts-and-bolts side of things, and as soon as we do, we will announce it via this blog and by direct mail to those who have expressed an interest.

We also don’t have a clear view on cost or booking method, but those are live topics of discussion in the team, and whatever we end up doing it will be with the intent of keeping the game accessible to the widest possible group of players.

So – What Can You Tell Us?

  • The game will be set in the year 1346, a full 140 years after the preferred setting for Ars Magica, and after the setting period of the previous games.
  • It is not, in any way, a continuation or sequel – the setting will be it’s own, and does not borrow from events from either previous run of games. Prior knowledge will avail you not.
  • A lot can happen in 140 years. This might not be the Ars Magica setting you read about in the sourcebooks, or that you remember from previous runs. We will be releasing general background briefing materials onto a dedicated Carcosa Dreams wiki website over the next few months.
  • We are still aiming for around this time next year but circumstances may dictate a later run date.
  • The game will be built for 60 players, but may be designed around more characters than that. Crew will be small and tight, and largely consist of the organisational and writing team to keep costs down.
  • We will be issuing a pre-game questionnaire to players asking ten binary questions, which we would like them to answer from the point of view of that they would most enjoy playing.
  • We are still discussing the options and possibilities around some semi-scripted interactive pre-game experiences – more on that as our thinking develops.

We will be follwing up with some notes around what we will promise the players, and what we will ask of them, in a month or two.

In the meantime, wish us luck – for the next few months we are going deep in the narrative mines.

You can as ever send questions in to